Assess Your Situation

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees, and moving from having an idea to running an organization is hard work. Strive to make sure that you have a clear view of the surrounding terrain.

Data Analysis
A quantitative analysis, resulting in a report with graphical analysis, letting the numbers tell your story through data visualization.
Policy Analysis
A written document examining
your organization and evaluating
it. Assess competitors in similar
spaces, and explore opportunities
that are unique to you.
Vision Facilitation
A structured session to clarify
the mission and goals of the
organization, to ensure that all
stakeholders are striving towards
the same spot on the horizon.

Decide Your Best Strategy

The world is changing faster than ever before. There are multitudes of new possibilities emerging, decide what direction is right for you.

Project Mapping
Documentation that indicates how
an organization will proceed to
achieve its vision and ensures all
organizational policies advance
the mission.
Business Model Assessment
A breakdown of the means by
which your organization maintains
a stable financial model.
Social Responsibility Evaluation
An assessment of your social
enterprise, non-profit or hybrid
organization’s ability to thrive
while serving a greater good.

Implement Your Solution

Sometimes it is difficult to go from the grander vision to the daily tasks needed to get there. Break down the steps to get you moving.

Project Management
A project plan that ensures
that everyone has clear
responsibilities, knows what the
due dates are and has access to
all of the tools required to achieve
their goals.
Administrative Support
A guidebook created in tandem
with your team that details the
day-to-day your organization
gets things done and shares it’s
Working a team or one-on-one
to help develop clarity on how to
achieve professional goals and
move the organization’s mission

Vicente Escriva

Vicente is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer with an MS in Urban Policy Analysis. While in graduate school he focused on the intersection of business and the communities they thrive in. Since then he has led one of the largest groups meeting to discuss CSR issues in NYC. He has worked on projects with a wide variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies and international organizations to local social entrepreneurial start-ups and non-profits.

Most recently he has been engaged in building a new social enterprise from the ground up, turning a concept into a business. This is an exercise in process creation, business model development, and building team culture.


Case Examples

A New Partnership


A pair of artists endeavor on a new joint project. They both have existing LLCs, and need help figuring out if they should work under the existing structures, get a new LLC or incorporate.


Create a tax calculator to clearly identify the tax structure that works best for them.


Help them create a partnership agreement which lays out revenue sharing and creates a structure for how disagreements are handled.

IMPLEMENT YOUR SOLUTION Administrative Support

Build an operating manual which lays out the day-to-day operating protocols such as what project management software is used, and who is responsible for responding to potential new client emails.

What Do We Know?


A back of house business has a tremendous amount of information from their clients. How can they utilize if for better results?


Sit down with them and get a deep understanding of their clients to generate questions they may want answered. Look at the existing data structures and pull information out visually to create answers.

IMPLEMENT YOUR SOLUTION Administrative Support

Teach the managers how to replicate the process from scrubbing the data to generating a visual tool for their clients. Create a manual which will allow the team to sell the new visualizations as a product.

Where Do We Stand?

A long-standing company wants to develop their position as a forward looking sustainable company. How do they determine their strengths and weaknesses when their are so many certifications and assessments to choose from?

DECIDE YOUR BEST SOLUTION Responsibility Evaluation

Review what other companies in a similar space have committed to, and create a baseline, then decide what steps in addition will step you up to the next level, be it committing to the GRI, SASB or becoming a BCorp.


Work with leadership to assign responsibility for the evaluation, determine key internal stakeholders to address issues in each section, and plan how to communicate both what is done well, and commitments to being better in the future.

Ready to Launch

A small social enterprise wants to kick off their debut product.


Lead a session to determine the goals of the organization, create a mission statement to communicate this goal, and lay out how the financial model supports the social goal.

DECIDE YOUR BEST STRATEGY Sustainability Assessment

When the organization decides they want to crowdfund their initial project help them figure out what are reasonable financial targets and evaluate comparable offerings already in the market.


Lay out the plan for going from product design, to web presence development, to fulfillment planning and then campaign launch.



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