Often a non-profit implementing a new program needs to dig deeper to get insights into how effective their efforts are. The unfortunate situation for many non-profits is that no matter how good the work they do is if they can’t record the data and tell a captivating story they can’t fundraise to keep going. While the goal of must non-profits is to work themselves out of a job, this is a difficult plight.

Partnering with a specialist in evaluation can help you define the implicit and explicit goals of a program. The first step is to determine how to find the data points that can be captured, then create clear metrics to assess them. Once you have achieved this it is a matter of storytelling. How do you take numbers and transform them into a vivid picture of the good your work brings into the world.


ASSESS Data Analysis:

Working with the leadership and interviewing stakeholders define what are the implicit and explicit goals for the program.  Determine points where data can be captured and how to record them. Use the data to tell your story clearly and in an insightful fashion.